Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Promote the integration of content and process

If the effectiveness of content and processes together, the availability and use of the content will be substantially improved flexibility.

Various types of information stored in the enterprise, in addition to the traditional paper document content types, including e-mail, instant messaging, electronic documents, including records of the content has become very common, and no doubt the contents of electronic documents has far exceeded the number of traditional paper documents, and an alarming rate. Sharp increase in the number of documents and the type of increase to the business to preserve, protect and access the data brought new challenges, including the management of unstructured electronic documents is particularly prominent.

"In business, those who did not follow a structured way the information is being stored by 80% growth rate increase, which is the rise of Enterprise Content Management software, one of the main, most of which will be deployed enterprise-oriented process of content management, "FileNet Corporation, Mr. Vice President Chris Preston said. FileNet enterprise content management (Enterprise Content Management, ECM) software and business process management (Business Process Management, BPM), one of the most important suppliers.

According to Gartner ECM market report released last year showed that the worldwide content and document management software market (including web content management and integrated document management) revenue will grow at a rate more than ten per cent per annum and is expected to more than 1.7 billion in 2008 dollars, to 2000 when the world famous enterprises will be implemented in three-quarters of the desktop-oriented and process-oriented content management.

Rapidly growing electronic document coupled with increasingly stringent compliance requirements spawned a large number of ECM vendors. The face of the market a wide range of ECM software, enterprise, how to select a suitable product?

"When companies deploy ECM software, you must take into account the integration of business processes." Chris Preston said, "If the effectiveness of the content and processes can be combined, will make the content in the business functions and processes in the availability and flexibility to get real of improvement. "vice versa, in the deployment of business process management software should also be considered, because a lot of complex processes is based on the content, are independent from each other, the information is not shared content.

In Chris Preston appears on the user, adhere to the integration of BPM and ECM ECM will bring the most significant impact is:

鈼?allows the user to operate consistently;

鈼?automate tasks and decision-making;

鈼?providing audit index, to ensure that transactions comply with the relevant provisions of the process;

鈼?Provide accurate statistical data and reports used ECM current state.

In other words, through the combination of BPM and ECM, can automatically run the tasks can be run automatically, the user need only focus their efforts on areas of interest on it.

In fact, FileNet is a provider of integrated content platform and process technology services software provider, whose main product is a P8 ECM and BPM (business process management) and integrated enterprise platform. Based on this platform will enable companies to easily process management and content management into a single modeling environment that enables business users and business analysts without the need for complex programming or IT staff participation, the process can quickly change Gexiang content and content management Guize .

FileNet content management software, the most unique content services initiative is due to adhere to ECM and BPM integration of the P8 platform. This service can take the initiative to implement content and document driven process automation, through to completion. With active content, business documents and other formats can drive targeted solutions to reduce the time, control risk, to help enterprises cope with real-time critical processes to promote business and trade events, driving them to be completed quickly, enhance the enterprise's overall response to the market capacity.

"Through the integration of ECM and BPM, content management process, we can maximize automation." Chris Preston concluded.


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Monday, July 5, 2010

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