Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Nobunaga's Ambition 12 Innovation" 82 Hokkaido start a battlefield report

Start a family of three are free, adaptive good enough for the development of water forces or internal to the C, the city has a ronin, but looks like going to 84 years to appear. . . Anton the ship, and the top or the alliance, and the southern edge of a Tsugaru as the first target of the most destroyed of no longer more of this glorious task to a Gaussian, Ida soon exterminate Sibo , and all alliance forces in the south, so will remain in the high-water massive temple, there is no real field can be stolen (if there is a good way to steal which Sanada please keep it)

Difficulty and personal feeling bad before the script is not too much simple than before landing, because the south and Tsugaru easy to pinch frame, as long as the players pay attention to manufacturing strength imbalances, taking advantage of a party, when beaten, under the port stealing, after Only one city, the forces of destruction on easy. The trouble is after the Ida, one-eyed strength can not be overlooked, but also, and side forces are allies, not to worry about. As Oda, representing the rock out of the mountains and mountain-shaped building Teppo scull after playing Counter should be no problem.

Proposed start line as follows:

Good business man-made port and then to the town hall, the city explore a person who Jinshan an artificial post-cho, soldiers from the port back to the man-made house, Exploration Peak came back to sign a soldier or made bath, the staff who come into town two political high school building construction, and then began to study outcry, my research, the future for off ship, and then began to violent soldiers, the political end of the beginning of the buying longiflorum, the port can be brought home a thousand cavalry. Well, after the ship made off two shipyards Zaochu two boats. General Tsugaru after New Year will hit the port, and then we must act according to circumstances, and short ideas that create an imbalance, so that the two pinch frame, took the opportunity to steal the next port, find opportunities to steal the city.

Second, defensive counter off Tsugaru

The second year in February, get off ship, and quickly get the two shipyards in the port.

Spring after the Tsugaru very happy to come back to haunt students, of course, the water forces agreement before the public, at home two political 84, easy agreement. Personally feel that the military is better here, the water agreement, the edge of two forces, if not agreement, then simply get ashore easily lost offensive opportunities, but not so many people start and special products can be fried, of course, on where good Miao is the knife out late, watch a particular interest, and if you like the island Bie out again, then finished technology, business agreement is a good choice, if you want an early landing, or it forces the water agreement.

First save the port so much Teppo, fight off Tsugaru is no problem, sometimes Tsugaru is a team of sometimes two, with a total strength of around 10,000, if the agreement forces the water out of the public if two Tsugaru take prisoners feel so cool, I am here only out of a team, the last one did not Laozhuo. . . Southern students spotted a few soldiers at this time the big Pucheng, mighty out, of course, out of a team of soldiers to block escape routes, arrested two people after the ship completed the wounded, boss return to the city levy a soldier sent to soldiers port, bought a point Teppo lobbied 10,000, taking advantage when the two soldiers still pinch frame made 13 in Hong Kong.

IQ weakest guy has 50, Museum of incentive to go back to Tokuyama, unsuccessful does not succeed in this, anyway, more money, one is ecstatic success. January drop in Hong Kong, plus exterminate reinforcements 5000. Big Pucheng in less than 6000 soldiers, there will be no missed opportunities. Down to Hong Kong is 84 years, the ronin comrades finally appeared, dragged back out of a probe, the other made bath, the last person left the soldiers to the port (when the wounded off Tsugaru) sent to 13 Hong Kong, after the board finished ronin 4 individual focus, to open Big Ben Pucheng. Siege of course, not four teams, the last one, which is reported to lie false.

Unfortunately, the road was false or the two (including that of the false report of fraud), so at the last before the arrival of a team, a team left surrounded by a team of two attacks, it will wear off a lot of morale, and finally tragic Wai, because prior to departure forget incentive to 100. . . Thus, the end of landing operations. More unexpected is the city is really a guy named Kang Takada, presumably Shiba lovers also have some impressions of this person

Summary about: work must be done early Sappers full, if there is a chance to break out strongly, attention morale, low morale, after having totally different feeling. Ronin is essential that, at least more people can lie down false and buy food, ah, Fortress Besieged cheat false front must wear the team. . . If a team was false, and it takes a while completely surrounded, and the remaining two can look around first, the basic can not afford to directly attack the morale. Tsugaru's false, the south is very nasty surprise. Bing Fat Pucheng, pay attention to a pair of false reports to deceive the.

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