Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How do dual channel memory with?

From the compatibility, the formation of dual-channel DDR memory is best to use the same brand of products with specifications that could ensure that the memory in the electrical properties of the two most close to in order to avoid compatibility problems. However, the use of the same batch of memory, even the well-known brands of memory such as Kingston, in their memory on the same memory used in the production of particles dates may be different, so "the same batch of memory" is without any meaning. In fact, even using different brands of memory, as long as the same size and specifications, can also be set up dual-channel system (as long as the memory itself has a certain quality).

Therefore, we can assume that the business really wanted to deceive you. He mentioned the various "must" is actually causing you to "very difficult to build dual-channel memory," the illusion of you as an excuse to raise prices. So Adam advise you not to purchase a memory in the business, find a credit guaranteed. In addition, the memory can not buy the case with the brand, that you can choose to Adam Kingston DDR400 memory with capacity. In fact now we are talking about modern memory is not modern factory production, but rather assembled from various small manufacturers, basically does not exist "with the brand" concept. Contrast, Kingston's memory should be able to meet the original quality, supporting the use of memory requirements.

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